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Can I have Gil Andrews audition my script?

Yes, submit your script via the email link, Gil will select a section of it and send the sample back
as a RealMedia, Windows Media or MP3 file.

What is the sound quality of Gil's studio?

All sessions are captured without processing to give the best sounding product possible.
  Will my voice be recorded while I direct Gil during the VO session?
    No, your voice is fed through a Genter Telephone interface and into Gil's headphones.
  Will I be charged a studio fee by Gil Andrews for the session.
    No, Gil does not charge a studio fee for the VO session.
  I don't have any editing equipment, can Gil edit the audio takes and save them as individual files for me?
    Yes. However, advanced notice is requested.
  How do I make payment for the session?
    Unless there is a hsitory of working together, payment is expected at the time of the session.
A major credit card is the quickest and best form of payment.
      Gil Andrews Accepted Credit Cards


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