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Getting the most from your VO talent: Time Your Scripts


To get the most from VO talent, time your scripts properly. Considering studio time is usually charged by the hour, you will save money in the long run. 

Scripts should be properly written to time before given to voice talent. However, experience has shown that only the best, most skilled, professional writers display this ability. If you're a writer or producer, you can develop this crucial editing skill and add impact to your work.

Here are some simple rules to help develop your writing skills for the spoken word:

  • DON'T time the script by “reading silently”, “whisper reading" or "quiet reading."
  • DO read the script OUT LOUD at the pace and with the dramatic pauses and inflections you expect from your talent.

Below is a stopwatch to properly time your scripts. It allows you to time segments of your script by clicking on the "M+" button while maintaining your total running time. For example, if a paragraph has 5 sentences click the M+ at the end of each sentence. When you have finished the last sentence click the Start/Pause button and the stopwatch will total the entire paragraph. This will provide a time for each sentence and a total time for the paragraph. Obviously if the time of the entire paragraph is all that is needed, then simply use the Start/Pause button.



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